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Wiggle N' Win a FREE CD instantly. This award-winning collection of upbeat songs has been compiled, adapted and created with love for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their parent/caregivers--it's music to your bottom line and your ears!

Enjoy, our newest CD release, the Playin' Collection ($16.95 Retail Value). Our catchy playful songs that are guaranteed to captivate every child’s attention with hands-on, feet-tapping, sing-along and play-along fun. The Playin' Collection features a wonderful compilation of over 30 songs that complete this musical trio song collections in this exciting children's music series. Peanut Butter & Jelly, Five Little Monkeys that giggle with delight and an adventurous kitchen play-along song!

There’s plenty of Wigglin'..Singin'...Playin'...N'...MusicFun!

IMPORTANT: Our Wiggle N' Win contest has ended, we will be picking a winner shortly, good luck to all those who entered.

Play our music in your store and watch the children wiggle and giggle with delight as your profits soar!

Enter now so your cash register can sing-along! Happy Wiggling!
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